maandag 10 mei 2010

Not a dolly quilt...

but I had a quick start and finish this past week anyway! Bennie is a very sweet cat, but he leaves his strawberry blonde hairs all over the place. And because he seems to prefer my very dark purple foot stool to most other lounging spots, that's where most of the shed hair seemed to accumulate: exactly where it shows the most. My sister's cat Tejo was white and loved taking naps on her black clothes. It must be a cat thing...

The best way to make sure Bennie could keep his lounge seat and I would not have to vacuum it every day, was - of course - to make a little quilt for him to sleep on. So I took some leftover fabrics from my previous project and started cutting and sewing. Bennie kept coming by to inspect the goings on and seemed very pleased with progress.

Yesterday evening, the quilt was finished and Bennie has his very own quilt on top of his foot stool throne.

Here's a full view of the quilt. The patches are 2" finished size, making this quilt approximately 34" or 86 cm square. I machine quilted it in diagonal lines. I think that's fine for a utility quilt like this and it works with the trip around the world pattern.

I love working on the big bed size quilts I usually make, but making large quilts has at least one downside: I can count very few finished projects in a year. That's why it feels so good to start and finish a quilt in a short time once in a while: I need that sense of accomplishment. And while I sit at my computer, Bennie dozes off on his special kitty quilt. What a wonderful feeling!

7 opmerkingen:

Birdblocks zei

Oh, super, en die 'luipaardprintjes' in de hoekjes maken hem helemaal af LOL. Volgende bee dan maar een dolly Quilt?
Groetjes, Merel

Yvonne aka sommeke zei

Niet te verwonderen dat Bennie zich helemaal thuis voelt bij jou. Een eigen quilt, een eigen troon! Leuk gezelschap verdient dat natuurlijk!

Anoniem zei

Wow, hij is echt mooi! Meer mijn smaak dan veel van je andere kunststukken.. ;-))
Tejo zou vast voortdurend vliegtuigoren gehad hebben op zo'n mooie quilt!
Desirée X

inge zei

een heel leuke quilt!

katrien zei

Heel mooi hoor.

Kaaren zei

I think Bennie has trained you very well already, Marion. Most humans would be thrilled to have this quilt. Bennie is one lucky feline, isn't he? It's lovely and I love the colors...of your quilt, I mean. Bennie is not too bad either. *wink*

Lida zei

Nu als ik Bennie was zou ik ook erg tevreden zijn met mijn Troonkleed! Erg leuk geworden! Groetjes