zaterdag 1 mei 2010

Open European Quilt Championships in Veldhoven

Today I went to Veldhoven for the OEQC and had a wonderful time. I was there early and made a point of viewing the quilts on exhibit. The vast majority looked wonderful, and the quilts were exhibited a lot better than previous years (there have been lighting and placement issues at the current venue). I also think there were many more quilts on show than before - which in my book is great. Unfortunately, I had left my camera at home, so it's a good thing I have the catalog with color pictures of all the contest quilts.

There were lots of vendors and many people buying the goods. I joined in the fun by adding a little to my stash:

It looks as if there's at least one predominantly black & white project in my near future! Or lots of quilts with b&w details? I'm not sure yet, but I simply love these stripes and dots. I was also tempted to buy some King Tut variegated quilting thread, they come in so many yummy colors. However, I'm still a novice machine quilter and I decided to hold off on those. There will be plenty of opportunities yet to invest in beautiful threads ;-)

And for most of the day, I helped Merel in her booth. It's such a joy to help quilters find the right fabrics for their projects. You get to meet quilters with lots of different styles and tastes, it's so inspiring!

One of the things I love about going to quilt shows is meeting quilting friends. Today, I ran into Hilde, Shirley, Katrien, Inge, Inge, Erna, Evy, and many others. It was great seeing you all and I hope to see you again soon!

Something else I feel very good about is that I managed to reduce my stack of UFO's. I donated two projects that I have not worked on for years to Stichting Verdanda. The people of Verdanda make quilts for  handicapped people. The quilts are very well received and I enjoy contributing to their good works in this small way. Plus it relieves me of some of my feelings of guilt about all those unfinished projects hidden away in boxes and drawers!

So I've been a very good quilter today... does that mean I can now start a new quilt? I've been dying to make a doll sized quilt... it would be a quickie project - can I, pretty please???

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Yvonne aka sommeke zei

Van mij mag je Marion! ;-)

inge zei

leuk je weer even gezien te hebben en tot ziens in nieuwkerke!

katrien zei

Leuk je weer even ontmoet te hebben.Tot in oktober hé.

Inge Slaats zei

In Veldhoven komen we elkaar ieder jaar bij binnenkomst even tegen, tenminste dat was vorig jaar ook zo. Gezellig hoor!
Het was een mooie tentoonstelling hè en ik vind je aankopen ook erg leuk.
Tot volgend jaar maar weer!


Birdblocks zei

met jou tempo zal een dolly quilt in no time afzijn, dus dat lijkt me geen enkel probleem! see you soon, Merel