dinsdag 25 januari 2011

Workshop fun

Today was a treat. Guess who was in Amsterdam to give a workshop at Birdblocks quiltshop?

 Yes, it's Sarah Fielke! She's in the Netherlands to promote her Dolly Quilts project and today she was here in Amsterdam. Sarah must have had a very busy week, but she didn't show it. She's a very sweet lady. And she was a guest blogger on the Birdblocks blog today!
Thank you Elly for taking and sending me the above picture!

The workshop today was a dolly quilt called Geese around the world. I'm not a fast paper piecer and I probably chatted a bit too much, so I didn't get very far. I'll try to finish the top soon, as I'm very eager to see how my round of geese will turn out.

This quilt is actually a project from Sarah's new, soon to be published book: Quilting: from little things'. The book showcases 10 quilting techniques. For every technique, there will be a small and a large quilt pattern. This way the quilter can try the technique on a small quilt first and see if she likes it enough to make a big quilt. This sounds like a good idea to me and from the few pages I've seen, I think this book will be a great addition to my collection. Sarah's quilts are always so full of color and whimsy, and I enjoy the inspiration.

Tomorrow, it's back to work for me. Today, I had an absolute blast. Let's do this again soon. Very soon.