zondag 13 juni 2010

Back at last - School's out! - Muffin mania

Did you think I had gotten bored with this blog? It's been almost five weeks since my last entry, so I can't blame you if you did. However, there's an entirely different reason for my absence and I'll admit up front that I could have told you about it much earlier.
Last week I had a final assessment at college, the last requirement for me to fulfill before I could graduate. In the weeks prior to the assessment, I found that blogging (OK, blogging and blog surfing) was taking up too much of my time. Blogging is so much more fun than doing school stuff! I had to make a choice: keep on blogging and postpone my graduation date, or stop blogging for a month and graduate in July. I made the right choice (and what a novelty that is - LOL!). Happily, the assessment went well and I will graduate in July - YAY!

Can you imagine that I've had 'School's out' in my head for days now?
I love this video:

Sooo, now you might also think I've spent all my free time this weekend quilting? Not quite! I did assist Merel while she gave a workshop (Sarah Fielke's Dolly Quilts) on Saturday. Click here to visit her blog and see a picture of her finished quilt.

As Merels assistant, I also showed my dolly quilt in progress. I would have loved to be able to show a completed quilt, but I haven't felt much like quilting since doing my assessment. Well, at least I got the top finished on time and that's OK for now:

This was fun to make. It involved lots of rummaging in bins and piles of fabrics to find the right shades and tints, which of course resulted in a hugely messy quilt room. Ahh, such fun! I'll be doing the whole year long series of monthly dolly quilts and am looking forward to filling an entire wall in my living room with small quilts.

I also managed to engage in some light stash enhancing exercises. I mean, can you blame me for wanting this lovely roll of fabric?

And today (Sunday) I spent in the kitchen, baking muffins - lots of muffins! It's been many years since I baked muffins, and then I only baked them from a packet of muffin mix. I had fun today making different flavors, all from scratch: lemon and vanilla, chocolate, banana and coconut, and finally my favorite: blueberry! I made eight batches of batter and baked 95 muffins! I'll take these to the office tomorrow. I hope my colleagues like muffins as much as I do!

I hope I'll finally feel like quilting again tomorrow- it would be great to get my dolly quilt top sandwiched so I could start hand quilting that.

6 opmerkingen:

Yvonne aka sommeke zei

Hip hip hip HOERAAAAAAA!
Hmmmm ... die muffins zien er lekker uit!

inge zei

zo blij dat je studies goed geëindigd zijn! van harte gefeliciteerd!

Birdblocks zei

Assistent? More, much more than that! And with baking all those muffins it is getting even more than that. How many collegues do you have??? I hope not 94, çause then you 'll have some leftovers, and you know I am supergood at helping with the leftovers right :-)
Looking super jummy!
CU Merel
ps new kit will be there soon!

katrien zei

Proficiat met het resultaat van je studies.
Leuk je dollyquiltje,en je hebt er een kleurtje bijgedaan.Leuk werkje hé.

Desirée zei

Is er íets wat jij niet kunt: afstuderen, quilten, muffins bakken??
Liefs van je inferieure zusje... ;-)))

Sarah Fielke zei

Your quilt looks great, well done!