maandag 3 mei 2010

Lady of the Lake top finish

No, I did not start a dolly quilt just yet. I'll ponder that a little while longer, until I have a clearer idea of what I want it to look like.

However, I finished my Lady of the Lake top. I had been having doubts about my color choices. I usually go for bright colors in my quilts, that's what I feel comfortable with. For this quilt, I wanted to challenge myself, so I chose batiks in colors I don't usually work with. There are lots of browns and greens in there, definitely not my favorite colors. And then I even put in some pinkish background fabrics... all fine, but I was starting to get worried if I could make it work. Now you can see for yourself:

Now it's all together, I think I like the colors and the simple repetition of the block pattern. The top is quite large, like most of my quilts. It measures 69 by 91" or 175 by 228 cm. I can't get a full picture of it in my sewing room because the walls are too close together, even when I use the wide angle setting on my camera :-) I'll have to take the top to someone's garden to get it all in one shot. I wish I had a garden - and a larger sewing room would be really good too!

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Birdblocks zei

Hej, Je mag mijn tuin lenen, maar mijn naaikamer krijg je niet hoor :-) Was Bennie blij dat je weer thuis was?
Groetjes, Merel

jacq zei

hij Is mooi hoor!
ene ik heb een hele grote tuin, mag je best een foto komen maken

Lori zei

It's beautiful!! I'm not a batiks girl either but you did great!!

You are on "no reply" when you left a comment so I'll answer you here. The quarter square triangles on the BMF blocks are turned on purpose:)
Let me know if you want to change your reply status. I may be able to help.

katrien zei

Heel mooi hoor.

Yvonne aka sommeke zei

Bravoooooo Marion! Het zijn dan misschien niet jouw kleuren maar hij ziet er schitterend uit!

inge zei


Shirley zei

wow die's schitterend! Als-ie klaar is kan je ff geen 3hoekje meer zien denk ik ;-)