zaterdag 5 februari 2011

Finally labelled, Geese progress and a Challenge!

Last November I finished my purple squares quilt and asked for your help in finding a name. I appreciate your suggestions. I liked both Purple Rain and Hip to be Square, so it had to be one of these two. I finally decided on Hip to be Square (after the 80's hit song by Huey Lewis & the News) and made the label last night:

Thank you Irene for your suggestion, it's a winner for me! I've always enjoyed that song :-)

After attaching the label, I decided to get out one of many still unfinished Dolly Quilt projects, Geese Around the World. I like my colors, nice and bright against the mostly black background.

This is a paper piecing project. I have a love - hate attitude towards paper piecing. I love the accuracy in piecing, but I don't much enjoy the tedious work involved. Still, for some projects, it works. But I can hardly wait to get the top done. Hopefully sometime this weekend!

Today, I went to Birdblocks quiltshop to help Merel teach this month's edition of Sarah Fielke's Dolly Quilt project. However, there was only one lady to teach, so the workshop was finished very soon.

So I had lots of time to chat with Merel and Judith. Merel happened to mention that she had not done any more quilting on her flannel log cabin quilt for weeks or even months. Judith and I suggested that a challenge might help to get the quilt done and onto Merels bed at last. It wasn't long before it was decided that a challenge was a good idea.

Judith has made some blocks for the Sylvia's Bridal Sampler quilt years ago and wants to work on that project again. She has committed to making two blocks every month. I think we've decided to report monthly on our progress in the challenge.

Of course I, too, had to pick a project to work on each month. There are certainly enough to choose from, more even than my WIP-list on this blog shows... In the end, I have decided on my double drunken ninepatch quilt, which has been in the hand quilting stage for over two and a half years. I don't actually think there's any such pattern name as double drunken ninepatch, but I wouldn't know what else to call it. I made it up myself, though I realise I may not be the only quilter to have done so. I'll snap a picture of the quilt as it is now soon, but here's a picture I made when I finished the top:

This is actually one of my favorite quilts, for several reasons. Next time I'll tell you a bit more about it.

7 opmerkingen:

Marj zei

love the circle of geese colors on the black background. I also like the last quilt that you showed, it is beautiful.

katrien zei

Succes met de challenge.Hele mooie quilt.

inge zei

ik las al van de challenge bij Merel en Judith, leuke quilt heb je uitgekozen om aan verder te werken!

Judith zei

Dat is een hele mooie quilt om aan te werken. Het gaat met ons drieen vast wat worden.

Birdblocks zei

WAHOOT, ook jij hebt een project gekozen! Leuk hoor, gaan we allebei aan het quilten! Ik heb er zin in, maar eerst... (ah, kan je ook een zinnetje hebben als 'middle name') even de top naaien van mijn 'if we were meant....' en vanmiddag met mijn oudes naar het strand, lekker uitwaaien!
Groetjes, Merel
PS controlewoord is redleste, is dat freudiaans of wat...

Yvonne aka sommeke zei

Hé? Was dat een quiltweekend-loterijblok? Of heb ik het mis?
't Is nu in alle geval een beauty die zeker af mag! ;-))
Complimenten voor de Hip tot be square!

Irene zei

Woehoe, mijn suggestie heeft gewonnen! ;-)
Je double drunken ninepatch quilt heeft nu dus al een nog afmaken. Goed dat jullie jezelf en elkaar uitdagen op deze manier. Ik ben benieuwd naar het vervolg. Tot snel!