zondag 5 december 2010

Quilting forever, blogging whenever?

It is strange.
I like blogging.
Then why don't I?
Hmmm, could it be that I have way too many shoulds?
I feel I should blog three times a week.
I think everything I say should make sense.
Like every picture I show should be perfect. And so on and so on...

Is it any wonder that blogging starts to feel like housework? I don't want it to be a chore, I want it to be FUN! I will try again to let go of some many of my shoulds. I know I'm not the only blogger who ever expressed this. I do hope that getting it off my chest will help me go on - whenever and in whatever fashion I wish to.

Let me show you what things quilty have been keeping me busy lately!

My purple squares quilt is finished, only the label is still to be added. And there's the catch: I can't think of a name for this one! Purple Squares is very descriptive, yet as a name I find it a bit too simple. Can you help?

Then I've been busy with Sarah Fielke's Dolly Quilts at Birdblocks quiltshop in Amsterdam. I've been working my way towards my own 'wall of quilts'. I'm not quite there yet, but here's a peek at the dolly quilts I have finished, pinned to my designwall:

To give you an idea of the size of these little quilts: the crazy quilt one is 12.5" (32 cm) square. Yesterday I finished Peppermint Pyramids (bottom right). Now I'm quilting the first in the Dolly Quilt series, Colour Me Happy:

I'd love to finish the machine quilting and then put the binding on today. That's not going to happen though, because I need to do some 'work' on the next DQ. It involves liberated piecing. I'm afraid I'm not a liberated quilter. In fact, I'm a fusspot when it comes to straight seems and matching points. So liberated piecing will be quite a challenge. But stalling on that project has helped reduce my UFO-pile!

8 opmerkingen:

inge zei

hei Marion, ik had al bij Merel gelezen dat je quilt af was, wat is ie prachtig! ook je dolly's zijn leuk! wat dat bloggen betreft, gewoon schrijven als je zin hebt, en je niet verplicht voelen!

Birdblocks zei

Yahoo, she's back! En met een hele stapel mooie affo's! Nou je hebt je tijd away from blogging iig nuttig besteed :-)

Elly (creatieveling Elly) zei

hè hè, ze is er weer, werd wel tijd, LOL
Nee hoor, je moet bloggen wanneer jij wil. Maar ik vind het wel leuk om nu de affo's te zien. Ze zijn super geworden.
groetjes Elly

katrien zei

He wat een leuke quilts heb je ondertussen afgewerkt.

Miranda zei

Ooo die blokjes van het weekeind zijn klaar! Wederom een mooi exemplaar hoor....en die mini's zijn om te snoepen!

Irene zei

Goedemorgen Marion,
Wat een beauty! Je vraagt om naam ideeen..... Ik had er meteen 2 in mijn hoofd:
Hip to be square of Purple rain. Beide van liedjes, misschien vind je het niks, maar he, niets gemeld is sowieso geen naam. Of noem 'm QZN. Quilt zonder naam :-)
Goed, genoeg flauwekul, tot binnenkort!

Jantine zei

You should really only blog if you feel up to it! Don't let it get a chore ever!
I really love how you quilted this Colour me happy quilt!

Evy zei

Hoi Marian,

Wat denk je van "the colour purple"? Is een prachtige film bij een prachtige quilt in een prachtige kleur :)